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Since the turn of the century,
Thai Fiction in Translation
has offered interested readers an ever-growing number of novels
and short stories which I have translated
from theThai into English over the past
fifteen years or so, thanks to generous
financial and corporate support
from Thai media tycoon Sondhi Limthongkul.
saw to the publication of ten of the novels
selected in my 1994 anthology,
the 20 best novels of thailand.
The economic crisis of the late 1990s
put a premature end to that venture,
which I resumed in mid-2006,
again with Sondhi Limthongkul’s support.
In that period when I wasn’t employed by him
(1999-2004) I also strayed into French translation, popularising the works of such outstanding writers
as Saneh Sangsuk (now a Chevalier des Arts
et des Lettres), Chart Korbjitti and Nikom Rayawa.

► In 2009, to fight global warming
and economic meltdown, it is high time
to get down to publishing
e-books worldwide.
► Ordering the books on line is only a few clicks away.
► Payment is totally secure.
► As soon as we are notified of your payment,
you receive by e-mail the complete works
you ordered as proprietary pdfs to read on screen.

► Originally, we were also planning
to publish the books as paperbacks
(through printing on demand
and postal delivery). For various reasons,
this is not possible right away. However,
we would very much like to do so in the future:
if you are interested in purchasing
such paperbacks, please let us know
in the Comment section

► Although thaifiction.com in its current, mid-2009 configuration offers more than a dozen titles
that simply are not to be found anywhere else
the site is far from complete: many more titles
will be added in the weeks and months to come.

► One pet project for the future is Best Of,
a series of books of the best short stories
of leading Thai writers.

►For any request, comment or complaint,
please contact me.


Born 1945. Trained as a language and arts teacher. 1970-92: journalist. Since 1993, literary translator from the Thai into English and French. Bangkok-based since 1978.
Also, layout designer, editor, proofreader, publisher
in three languages.
Divorced, one daughter.

In the early TMC days, ably assisted
by Phongdeit Jiangphatthana-kit.
These days, English copy checked against the Thai by Na Hawgood
in Australia and edited by GB Kilian
in France.

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